Alec Battistoni is a director and creative director from the Midwest, now based in New York City. After
moving to New York he began producing and collaborating on video projects for clients ranging from
Vogue to The Fader and working with artists like Matthew Dillon Cohen, Gus Dapperton, and Sonoma as
well as working on a plethora of independent narrative films. While studying film in New York, Alec discovered a
passion for directing ethereal visuals and experimental choreography and decided to pursue directing full
time. His work has been featured in publications including Booooooom TV, and Director’s Notes, and he currently continues to create content for companies and artists in the worlds of media, art, music, and fashion, and is a directing partner at the Andre Bato Agency.


Collaborators, Clients, and Friends:


Colleen Allen

Natalie Yang

Andre Bato

The Fader



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